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What is Email Continuity?
Webservio's Email Continuity Service

Email Continuity maintains business continuity throughout your server outage by combining our Mail Bagging (MX Backup) with continuous email communication services.  While maintaining business continuity, you will be able to protect against email interruptions with the ability to access critical email plus send and receive messages during the time that the MX email exchange server is bagging messages for your primary server.

This solution works by sending a copy of each email directed to the backup mail server to a Webmail access and a copy to your POP3 accounts.  You can access the Web based emailing interface from anywhere in the world, or just continue to use the email client from your office as if no interruption were occurring in your mail server.  When sending emails from the Webservio Webmail, your correspondents will still see that the messages are coming from your domain rather than Webservio’s stand by email system.  By using either of the two means of mail exchange continuity, your business correspondents will be unaware of any trouble with your email server. Your business continuity is maintained!

With the Webservio Email Continuity solution, continuous email communication will be maintained during your server outage.  Once your mail sever is back online, the backed up email messages will be returned to your primary server, as with all the Mail Bagging services, and your email communication will continue through your primary MX record.

As emailing is fast becoming the most widely used form of business communication, email continuity is essential for many companies.  If you can not afford to be out of touch with your email correspondents during the time that your mail sever is offline, you will want to look into our total email disaster recovery solution.

Add Email Continuity to the Mail Bagging (MX Backup) plan of your choice to get the most complete solution for maintaining your business continuity during mail server downtime.

Our exclusive Email Continuity Trimmer Utility "trims" the email from each mail box based upon the number of days the messages have been there. It can be scheduled to automatically run daily, weekly, or monthly for individual mail boxes or optionally for all mail boxes. This feature is inactive by default. This utility greatly increases the amount of stroage space for valid messages, and improves user access and search times per mail box. The Email Cotinuity Trimmer Utility is standard on all of our VPS and Dedicated mail bagging plans.

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