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What is Email Defense?
Webservio's Email Defense MX Backup Mail Server Solution

Webservio’s Email Defense Solution combines our Mail Bagging (MX Backup) service with the SpamWeeder to give you complete email security and protection.

These two services (Mail Bagging [MX Backup] +SpamWeeder) working together will ensure that your backup MX record will be guarded from malicious and junk email while your legitimate messages are safely held during any mail server down time. It's the complete package! 

Email Defense reinforces the security and protection of your valid email communication in two ways.

First, this anti-spam Email Defense system is placed in front of your MX records so that email must first filter through the SpamWeeder system before being delivered to your mail server. Since only clean, virus free messages reach your email server, the risk of dangerous emails harming your system will be eliminated. Your organization can have complete email security!

In addition, this spam protection reduces the load of all those spam messages off of your mail server, thereby lessening the threat of your server crashing from an email volume beyond its capacity.

Protecting your mail server by reducing the number of messages and preventing dangerous email, will maintain a more reliable uptime.

In the circumstance that your mail server is offline, our Email Defense protection will continue safeguarding the backup mail server.

All the MX records for your domain are placed under the protection of this anti-spam Email Defense system allowing it to continue filtering email for the backup mail server.

In this way, Webservio will only be bagging the spam free, clean emails even when your primary mail server is down.

Let Email Defense create email security for your organization today!

View an Email Defense Flash Presentation here

If you can not afford to be out of touch with your email correspondents during the time that your mail sever is offline, you will want to look into our total email disaster recovery solution. View our Email Continuity pages for more information.